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It’s chilly outside, so you want to snuggle at home. Or maybe you just need something soothing to help you recover from your post-holiday party headache. Either way, have some noodles, which are so hot right now (see what we did there?). Here are the five best, from ramen to hand-cut pasta. There’s something on our list for everyone. Everyone who's hungry, that is.

Spicy Seafood Soup Noodles at Lee’s Noodles

The unassuming storefront turns out a version of a Korean dish called jjam ppong. It's basically a huge bowl of spicy bouillabaisse with juicy mussels, shrimp, octopus and onions mixed into handmade fettuccine noodles ($9). Then order a deep-fried Twinkie for dessert ($4).

401 S. Vermont Ave.; 213-351-9963 or

Washugyu Beef Pho at Phorage

Getting over a hangover? Feel a cold coming on? Drive the discomfort away with a healthy bowl of Vietnamese noodles dotted with Washugyu beef, including steak and beef brisket ($10). Be sure to add in a lot of freshly torn basil.

3300 Overland Ave.; 310-876-0910 or

Bucatini at Otium

Chef Tim Hollingsworth’s bucatini with clams and pork belly is the reward for snagging a reservation at this fine dining outpost of downtown’s splashy Broad Museum.

222 S. Hope St.; 213-935-8500 or

Shio noodles at Shake Ramen

The classic thrifty college meal gets an upgrade: a refinement of traditional ramen noodles ($6) in which the salty broth is discarded, leaving only seasoned noodles and whatever protein and veggies you want layered on top. It’s all sealed in an airtight plastic container that you shake to mix when you’re ready to eat.

Check website for location; 310-853-0316 or

Carbonara Udon at Musashiya Udon Noodle

This sleek new Westwood spot serves classical Japanese and fusion noodle dishes. The steaming, filling carbonara ($13) combines egg, cheese and bacon with mixed-in greens for crispness.

1049 Gayley Ave.; 310-208-5999 or

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