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Is BroccoLeaf the New Kale?

Maybe you’ve heard reports of a new vegetable hitting chefs' tables and supermarkets. It’s… BroccoLeaf! (And to be honest, it’s kind of confusing.) Here, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this trendy green.

Wait, is this really a new vegetable? Yes and no. Yes, this leafy green is newly available in supermarket produce sections, but it’s actually just a new use for part of a regular old broccoli plant--the leaves that grow around the central floret.

So why are we eating it now? Call it the kale effect: Nutrient-dense greens are all the rage for everything from salads to smoothies.

C’mon, there’s no way it’s as nutrient-dense as kale. Actually, it’s got more calcium than kale, and is equally rich in vitamins (A and K) and phytonutrients like cancer-preventing glucosinolates.

What does it taste like? It’s a little sweeter than raw kale, with the satisfying crunch of sugar snap peas. And it has only the faintest earthy tinge of broccoli.

How do you eat it? Treat it like you would any green--cut out the center vein of larger leaves, then steam it, toss it or turn it into a smoothie.

So why not just eat kale? Besides a milder taste, broccoli leaves are about three times cheaper than kale--just 99 cents a bunch.

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