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You know how everyone suggests eating chicken soup when you're sick? It's not just because it's comforting and delicious. Turns out, broth has been proven to boost immune system function. And even though it's nothing new, bone broth is one of the trendiest foods around. Here's why:

It's good for you Bone broth does wonders for the immune system and also supports gut health (the gelatin and collagen help soothe the intestinal tract). 

And it's good The clear, concentrated liquid is hearty without being too filling and is very easy to drink. (We have friends who've swapped their afternoon latte for a cup of the stuff.) 

It's easy to make To make it yourself, just boil the bones (of a chicken, pig, cow, you get the idea...) in water for at least four hours. That's it. This recipe should get the job done.

And easy to buy Broth takeout windows have popped up in NYC and L.A., but companies like Soupure and Indie Fresh deliver all over the country. 

It's great for athletes Instead of sugar-laden sports drinks, athletes like Kobe Bryant are turning to bone broth to recover. It's rehydrating and the sodium replenishes electrolytes lost after a tough workout.

And for cocktails At San Francisco's Belcampo Meat Co., fans can sip on a Boney Mary (basically a Bloody Mary with bone broth) or a hot toddy infused with bone broth.  

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