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On our list of favorite things, cheese is pretty high up (higher than French fries, but not quite reaching gummy bear territory).

One of our go-tos is goat cheese. It’s creamy, tangy and versatile, adding flavor to salads, tarts and tacos alike. It’s also a bitch to cut into slices, what with all the crumbling and sticking and general not-workingness.

So in the grand tradition of PureWow showing you better ways to cut things, here’s the easiest way to slice delicate cheeses.

What you need: Any kind of soft cheese (think goat, feta and Camembert) and unscented dental floss.

What you do: Hold the floss taut between your index fingers and thumbs. Slide the floss down the cheese and voilà--the perfect slice.

Think about it: No one’s ever cut their finger off with dental floss.

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