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Remember Kitchit, the cool service that let you throw fancy dinner parties at your house with the help of a private chef? Well, meet Kitchit Tonight--its more affordable little sister that makes throwing casual dinner parties a total breeze.

Instead of creating a custom menu, you’ll choose from one of several set three-course menus for $39 a person (say, Sonoma Summertime or Alfresco Française). Menus change weekly and can accommodate dietary restrictions--so even your vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-sensitive best friend can enjoy.

And since few of us can manage planning a fete weeks in advance, Kitchit Tonight caters to more impromptu gatherings. You can even book a chef for a same-day dinner.

Everything else is just like the previously offered service: Your chef brings the ingredients, cooks, serves and cleans up. It’s like having a full-service restaurant in your house at the drop of a hat.

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