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If you’ve ever wanted to turn oysters…or apple pie…or a mojito into caviar, we’ve got good news.

Presenting: the Imperial Spherificator, a new-to-Kickstarter gadget that takes any food you can liquefy and whips it up into tiny pearls. (OK, so it's not caviar, per se, but it looks an awful lot like caviar, if you ask us.)

Here’s how it works: Pick any food and throw it into a blender. Then pour the resulting liquid into the Spherificator, which will mix the goo with something called “alginate” (a commonly used thickening agent that's extracted from seaweed) to produce tiny little pearls within minutes.

Think this sounds disgusting? Michelin-starred chefs, like Ferran Adrià at El Bulli, have been using spherification for years, making everything from liquid pea ravioli to cantaloupe melon caviar. 

And, apparently, regular people are interested, too. The Kickstarter campaign has already raised more than double its $61,000 goal. But don’t worry: You can still pledge to get your very own Spherificator for $125.

Molecular gastronomy for all!

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