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How to Make Day-Old Leftover Pizza Taste Crispy and Fresh and Not Limp and Depressing

You ordered the Lenny’s Special (extra cheese with peppers and onions) and because you are a woman of restraint, you didn’t eat the last three slices. Now it’s one day later and you’ve got one shot at reheating this bad boy. Here, a genius trick that works every time.

What you need: A microwave-safe glass or mug.

What you do: Fill the glass halfway full with water and stick it in the microwave right next to the pizza slice you’re reheating. Nuke for about 45 seconds.

Why it works: The extra moisture from the glass of water slows down the heating process so the crust gets crispy, not soggy.

So? Grab a seat on your couch and mangia.

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