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How to Eat Well on a Budget

It’s a common misconception that eating wholesome, healthy and delicious food has to cost a fortune.

Leanne Brown, in her excellent cookbook Good and Cheap, which is totally free and downloadable as a PDF, effectively dispels that rumor.

All of Brown’s recipes--like veggie jambalaya and whole-wheat cheddar-jalapeño scones--are based on what would be affordable on food stamps. That comes out to $4.19 a day. (Perhaps a certain someone over at GOOP would’ve had more success with the SNAP Challenge if she’d read this first…)

Plus, the book is chock-full of helpful tips, like how much kale to buy so that you don’t end up throwing out half of it.

Whether you live alone, are on a budget or just spend way too much money at the supermarket, Good and Cheap is worth a read.

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