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The only thing better than that epic Thanksgiving meal you’re about to make is the drool-worthy collection of photos you’ll be sharing on Instagram. Before you even think of snapping a shot of those mashed potatoes, take a look at these seven tips we’ve collected from Instagram. The influx of “likes” won’t be far behind.

Turn Off Your Flash

Your phone’s LED flash makes for crappy food photos, and it annoys your company to no end. During the day, move food next to a bright window. At night, have someone else use the flashlight on their phone to help illuminate the subject.

Frame Food From Above

Angle the shot so that pictures are taken from directly above your meal. The bird’s-eye view makes for a bold, compelling image.

Edit Away

Not all iPhone food pics will come out perfectly. That’s what editing features are for. Play around with saturation, sharpening, shadows and brightness in Instagram or with separate apps like Snapseed and Afterlight.

Snap Immediately

As soon as the meal is plated and served, take your shots. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your herb garnish will wilt or your cheese will look greasy.

White Napkins Work Wonders

A white cloth napkin can be used as a reflector to bounce light and fill in dark areas. It can also help to soften light that’s too harsh. At home, you can even drape a white sheet over the window to achieve the same effect.

Use Negative Space To Your Advantage

Restraint speaks volumes. Take a minimalist approach to focus viewers’ attention on the food.

Create Atmosphere

Style your work surface and let your shots tell a story about what you’re serving. A cutting board, artisan knife, fresh herb sprigs and graphic napkins all achieve this easily.

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