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Sure, it would be lovely (and oh so Norman Rockwell) to carve your turkey with flourish at the table. But let’s be real: Have you ever seen that go well? This year we’re not worrying about making a big show of it. Instead, we’re resolved to just do it right. Watch our video to learn the proper way to carve a turkey. Minimal mess. Zero wasted meat.

Bookmark this page to keep our step-by-step instructions handy:

Step 1: Start with the legs. Firmly grasp a drumstick and pull to remove. Repeat.

Step 2: Next, clip those wings. Pull out the wings and slice through the bone to remove them. Be sure to hold the knife at a 45-degree angle.

Step 3: Now, onto the thighs. Run the tip of your knife along the thigh. Take a firm hold and pull the thigh off the bird. Repeat.

Step 4: Next, carve off the breast whole. Start by finding the breastbone and cutting along the side. Work slowly and keep your knife as close to the bone as possible. Carefully pull the breast away from the ribcage. Flip the bird around and do it again.

Step 5: Now, onto slicing everything. Slice each breast at a slight angle. Angle your drumstick slices, too. For the thighs, slide those bones right out and then slice the boneless meat (such a breeze).

Voilà! Now we eat.

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