The humble French fry might seem iconically American. But it’s actually pretty popular all over the world, with each country putting a unique spin on the crispy classic. From British chips to Canadian cheese curds, drool over these 12 different iterations.

fries belgium
Seth Kugel

Belgium: Frites

Served: Thick-cut, double-fried, drizzled with mayonnaise and in a paper cone.

fries canada

Canada: Poutine

Served: Smothered in brown gravy and cheese curds.

fries britain

Britain: Chips

Served: With fried fish.

fries france

France: Pommes Frites

Served: Thin-cut, crispy and alongside a main course (ideally steak or mussels).

slap chips

South Africa: Slap Chips

Served: Soaked in vinegar, fried twice and sprinkled with salt and more vinegar.

fries india
Manjula's Kitchen

India: Finger Chips

Served: Spicy, cooked in turmeric, chili powder and sometimes masala.

fries south korea

South Korea: Honey Butter Fries

Served: Drizzled in, yes, honey and butter.

fries spain

Spain: Patatas Bravas

Served: Cubed, covered in mayonnaise and spicy tomato sauce.

fries japan

Japan: Furaido potato

Served: Topped with furikake, a garlicky condiment made of seaweed, sesame seeds and other seasonings.

fries russia

Russia: Kartofel'fri

Served: Panfried, with an onion.

fries netherlands

The Netherlands: Kapsalon

Served: Beneath shawarma meat, Gouda and salad greens.

fries california

California: Animal-Style Fries

Served: By In-N-Out, covered in melted cheese, grilled onions and secret sauce.

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