Froyo Chicago
Glam up your oatmeal with these.

Ever wonder how frozen yogurt shops survive the winters in Chicago when all you want to do is hunch over a steaming bowl of soup or mug of hot chocolate? Like all smart investors, they diversify.

Known for its frozen confections, Froyo Chicago--the local, mostly organic spot with locations in the Loop and Lakeview--turns up the heat every morning with its healthy, hearty, self-serve breakfast bar that features dress-your-own oatmeal.

We test-drove the bar at the Southport shop on a snowy weekend morning when we’d normally be drowning a stack of carbs in syrup.

First, we filled our cheerful pink polka-dot cup with creamy-looking, slow-cooked organic steel-cut oatmeal--you can also opt for protein-packed quinoa--and then we agonized over toppings. Raisins or dried cranberries? Strawberries or dates? Coconut or brown sugar?

Froyo’s oatmeal is fiber-rich and has just 100 calories per serving, so we didn’t feel too guilty about sprinkling on a bit of cinnamon streusel crunch along with our slivered almonds and blueberries.

Paired with a cup of Chicago-based Metropolis coffee, it was a cozy--and nutritious--start to, sigh, another arctic day.

Froyo, 3746 N. Southport Ave. and 233 N. Michigan Ave.; 773-857-0119 or

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