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Do you want the bad news or the good news first? OK, we’ll rip off the Band-Aid: According to the USDA, Americans waste 31 percent of the food grown in this country. Meanwhile, 49 million Americans report not having enough to eat.

Now the good news (yay!): Some companies--like our new fave, Fruitcycle--are finding creative ways to repurpose produce that might otherwise go into the garbage.

The new Washington, D.C.-based company works with local orchards and farmers to make dried snacks from produce that’s perfectly fine to eat but would often go to waste for one reason or another. (Maybe it’s bruised. Maybe it’s slightly past its sell-by date. Maybe it’s just ridiculously ugly

Alongside this conservationist bent, Fruitcycle also has a social mission: The company exclusively employs women who have been homeless or incarcerated, many of whom have children to support and difficulty getting a job elsewhere.

And on top of all that, the goods themselves are super-healthy (no fat, added sugars or artificial ingredients) and delicious. We tried the not-too-sweet, not-too-chewy cinnamon apple chips ($7) and could totally see ourselves making them a mainstay of our snack drawer.

Let’s hear it for second chances.

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