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You’ve likely heard some scoop on the red-hot steakhouse Swift & Sons, which opened in the West Loop last week. You may know that its design was inspired by a turn-of-the-century office building, or that its menu has beef Wellington for two. But let us fill you in on something you may not know: Namely, that Swift & Sons has a custom chocolate trolley. (Go ahead and collect yourself. We had to.)

Dreamed up by pastry chef Meg Galus, the trolley will never have the same goodies twice. When it’s wheeled up to your table, the sweetness express could hold miniature candy bars and chocolate lollipops. On another day, you could be choosing between cakes and verrines, or macarons and mousse.

But don’t stress too much about the decision process. The items are priced by piece. So if you’re in the mood for just a taste of something sweet--or, heck, want two of everything (and three of the éclairs)--you’re covered. Oh, and there’s also a Champagne cart to help you wash it all down.

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