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OK guys, don’t freak out, but you know those delicious truffles that are imported from Italy in the fall? The ones that are grated onto pizzas, pastas and burgers to make them even more delicious and decadent?

Well, they’re almost gone.

Yep, the weather in Italy was really warm this summer, so there’s about half the amount of truffles for twice the price. We know: It’s terrible.

Here’s where to get your truffle fix in NYC restaurants. Hurry up.

NY Truffles List2


Go big or go home with Mario Batali’s $300 all-truffle tasting menu, including white-truffle-topped pappardelle Parmigiano and a sunny-side-up duck egg. 

110 Waverly Pl. (at Washington Square W.); 212-777-0303 or

NY Truffles Mamo


After eating ravioli topped with white truffles, we can never go back to plain old Parmesan again.

323 W. Broadway (at Grand St.); 646-964-4641 or

NY Truffles List4


Best news ever: Through the end of the year, this pop-up restaurant in Eataly will serve only dishes that feature truffles.

200 Fifth Ave. (at 24th St.); 212-229-2560 or

NY Truffles List5
Serious Eats


Let’s take this already over-the-top burger and garnish it with a few slivers of extra deliciousness, shall we? Yes, yes we shall. 

25 W. Houston St. (at Mercer St.); 212-334-7320 or

NY Truffles List1b


Tribeca steakhouse chef Marc Forgione will shave the rare mushrooms on top of any dish you want for an extra $50. He’s like the truffle fairy. 

363 Greenwich St. (at Franklin St.); 212-226-4736 or

NY Truffles List8


Risotto sprinkled with truffle shavings? Oh, if you insist.

795 Fifth Ave. (at 61st St.); 212-940-8195 or

NY Truffles Pizza


Sure, you could grab a dollar slice down the street…or you could feast on an $85 white truffle pie, one of the most expensive (and tasty) pizzas in NYC.

85 Tenth Ave. (at W. 15th St.); 212-400-6699 or

NY Truffles Alfredo100


You know what makes scallops and polenta even more unbelievably amazing? We?ll give you one guess.

7 E. 54th St. (at Fifth Ave.); 212-688-1999 or

NY Truffles Obica2
New York Daily News


Truffles + imported Italian burrata. A more perfect union has never existed.

928 Broadway (at 21st St.); 212-777-2754 or

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