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Greenpoints best new sandwich
Lunch is served.

You probably didn’t roll out of bed this morning craving truffle oil. Not because it isn’t all sorts of delicious, but because it’s the sort of fancy food that typically involves cloth napkins and a reservation.

But at Early, a quaint café that just opened in Greenpoint, they’re bringing truffle oil back down to earth in the form of the Zappie, your new favorite sandwich.

Dreamed up by chef Marcin Mroz, the standout open-faced sammie is inspired by the zapiekanka, a traditional Polish street food that uses a hollowed-out baguette as a carryall for veggies and melted cheese.

Early’s version comes stuffed with a gooey mash-up of caramelized onions, mushrooms and garlic, topped with a healthy sprinkle of fontina cheese and truffle oil. It can be devoured in-house with a side of Toby’s Estate coffee or taken to go.

Even if ‘shrooms aren’t your thing, the super-cute spot also serves a killer avocado-and-egg sandwich on a croissant called the Kwa’Son, along with all sorts of pastries from Vegan Divas.

We’ll save you a seat.

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