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Bone Broth
Drink this now or sip Theraflu later.

Flu season is gaining momentum, so much so that a West L.A. hospital is campaigning to replace handshakes with fist bumps.

We’ve got another plan to ward off infection--we’re strengthening our immune system with bone broth. It’s all the rage back East, with a whole takeout window devoted to it.

This high-protein liquid, which is meant to be sipped like a latte, is derived from the bones of meat or chicken that have been slowly simmered for up to three days to release the calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium inside, as well as anti-inflammatory amino acids and collagen (turns out it’s not just good for your complexion). The taste of our Good Eggs beef broth (1 quart, $11.50) was akin to watery gravy, with a bit of brightness thanks to apple cider vinegar the makers add.

We had a hearty morning cup for two days and avoided the flu our family came down with. (Just sayin’.)

A day later, we used the last pint in an organic veggie soup. And psst...your dog goes wild if you pour a little over her kibble.

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