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Starfire Water
Into crystals? Have we got a drink for you.

Alkaline water is the Scientology of bottled refreshments: It?s especially visible here in the West, the way it works is confusing and it gets tons of media flack. Taking the trend to the next level, Starfire Water, a Beverly Hills-made, gold-infused alkaline ?performance water,? claims to be more thirst-quenching, detoxifying and energizing than basic bottled water.

Rather than flowing from Fiji or the French Alps, Starfire is swirled in a vortex to make its molecular structure easier for cells to absorb. Also, it contains Etherium, a liquid gold said to help synapses fire faster and make one?s thinking sharper.

All we know is, it has a gentle, non-mineral taste. We downed a new-age-symbol-emblazoned bottle (16 oz., $4) at Equinox after a tough workout and felt as hydrated as if we?d quaffed twice the amount of water. We?re no scientists, but anything that gets us to drink our water is a successful experiment in our book.

Find your local Starfire Water retailer here.

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