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Have you heard? The 88th Academy Awards are this Sunday. And since we don’t have to squeeze into a size-2 haute couture gown by Dior, we’ll be stuffing our faces and armchair quarterbacking the E! red carpet, thank you very much. What will we be eating? That would be several of these recipes based on this year’s nominees, with names so punny they’ve just got to be scrawled on cute little buffet cards.

oscars dicaprio1

For The Revenant: Leonardo DiCapreseo Bites

We don't know if he'll win, but we certainly will, munching on these little guys. 

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oscars revenant1

For The Revenant: Bear Claws

Bet these would?ve been more enjoyable for Leo.

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oscars brie2

For Room: Baked Brie Larson

Like we had any other choice…

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oscars shrimp1

For The Big Short: The Big Shrimp (Cocktail)

So applicable on so many levels.

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oscars gosling2

For The Big Short: Financiers

Way more palatable than actual Wall Street guys.

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oscars rooney1

For Carol: Maca-Rooney and Cheese Cups

For some reason we don’t think Mara would actually eat these…but we will.

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oscars pies

For Bridge of Spies: Bridge of Pies

Mini chicken potpies, that is.

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oscars spielberg1

For Bridge of Spies: Steven Spielburgers

These burgers have as many topping possibilities as Spielberg does directing credits. 

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oscars blanchett1

For Carol: Cate Blanched Almonds

Fancy as hell, like the lady herself.

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oscars knots

For The Martian: Garlic Astro-knots

Damon couldn’t have made them from potatoes but whatever.

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oscars mars

For The Martian: Mars Bars

These neither.

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oscars brooklyn1

For Brooklyn: Asparagus Flatbushbread

Get it? Like the street? Anyone?

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oscars danish2

For The Danish Girl: The Cheese Danish Girl

Honestly, we’d marry this one, too.

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oscars cranston1

For Trumbo: Bryan Cranstonberry Crostini

Just go with it.

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oscars apples

For Inside Out: Inside Out Caramel Apples


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