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Ostrich Farm
For date night, we prescribe a banquette and a bottle of wine.

Those of us who love the trendy shopping and coffee bars of Silverlake now have a reason to stick around the East Side for dinner: fine-dining spot Ostrich Farm.

Housed in a bright white cinderblock storefront that stands out from the brilliant graffiti along Sunset, Ostrich Farm is a small-plates-and-wine kind of place. Get there early to grab a spot at one of the ten tables, or take a seat at the small bar and consider which of the dozen international wines you’ll have. Or order a spicy ginger lemonade ($5)--thankfully the place’s only nod to the über-healthy juice craze.

Here the food is dense, in the best way possible: mussels with grilled bread ($12), chicken liver on grilled toast ($9) and duck-fat-laced parsnip soup ($10).

But the richest--and most delicious--dish on the menu, surprisingly, sounds healthiest--the Caesar salad ($12). Chef Jaime Turrey--the veteran of gourmet food cart Monsieur Egg--grills his Romaine lettuce, then coats it in a cheesy anchovy gravy brightened with a squeeze of lemon.

The month-old place is already a hit--so get ready to elbow past hungry hipsters. Gentrification is yummy.

Ostrich Farm, 1525 W. Sunset Blvd.; 213-537-0657 or

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