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Diva Diet
She sure loves kale.

We’re always skeptical when celebrities go the culinary route (we’re still not sure how we feel about Hugh Jackman’s coffee). So when we found out about Beyoncé’s new vegan meal-delivery service, 22 Days Nutrition, we admit we rolled our eyes.

Then we learned about the philosophy behind it all.

Scientific theory purports that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit and start forming a new one (hence the name). So, after switching to a totally vegan diet with Jay-Z for 22 days last December, Bey was inspired to bring her new habits to the masses.

The new home-delivery service consists of 100 percent plant-based foods. But don’t expect to live on bean sprouts alone: The plan includes dishes like ratatouille pasta with pesto and almond-blueberry muffins that aren’t just satisfying--they’re downright delicious (we tried ’em).

Choose from three plans: one meal a day ($15 each), two a day ($11 each) or three a day ($9 each). Fully cooked meals are delivered daily to your doorstep--just reheat before digging in.

By signing up for the plan, you could very well end up craving kale instead of cheesecake. Results like diva pipes and killer dance moves, however, aren’t typical.

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