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Discover Super Frozen Seafood at Wixter Market
That freezer: the holy grail of fish?

Fresh fish is a staple of your summer eating plan, but buying and cooking it raises many questions. (Skin on or off? Marinate? Sear or bake?)

Banish your seafood insecurities at Wicker Park’s just-opened Wixter Market (say that three times fast), where the fish is actually better because it’s frozen.

Wixter’s owner, Matt Mixter, is a fan of the Japanese technique of “super frozen” fish. Basically, raw fillets are frozen to a core temperature of -76°F at practically the moment they’re reeled out of the water--meaning the fresh-caught, non-fishy flavor is perfectly preserved.  

That’s a great thing when you’re eating it raw, which is encouraged. Wixter sells individually packaged, super-frozen portions of sashimi-grade fish like bigeye tuna, salmon and fluke, meaning all you have to do is slowly thaw, then serve. Pair with a salad or some steamed veggies and voilà--it’s the healthiest dinner you’ll have this week.

You’ll pay about what you normally would for the super-frozen items (think $14 a pound for Norwegian salmon portions). And you can also pick up sushi accessories--soy sauce, wasabi, ginger--and beautiful tins of sardines, octopus and calamari.

“Cooking” seafood has never been less complicated.

Wixter Market, 2110 W. Division St.; 312-248-2800 or

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