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Meal Sharing
You'll be BFFs in no time.

From your sister’s house in Cleveland to your dad’s place in Florida, you’ve raced around to appease the fam for the past 73 holidays. You thought you’d stay in Chicago this Thanksgiving--only to run into misgivings about having no one to spend it with.

Fear not, lonely heart: You can find a family for a day on Meal Sharing, the Chicago-based website that connects avid home cooks with dinner party guests.

It’s an easy way to eat well and make new friends any night of the year. Just sign up for an account and search for upcoming meals taking place nearby. (Japanese in Edgewater, anyone?)

Find a menu that sounds good, then check out the host’s profile and reviews from prior dinner guests--you want to make sure she’s not a psycho killer and all. Then chip in on the cost of ingredients if required. (Average cost is $8 a person; some meals are free for attendees.)

For this year’s Turkey Day, head to the site’s ThanksSharing page, where you can find people hosting meals and request an invite to their table. There’s even a gluten-free feast going down in Skokie.

Just don’t expect the gravy to be as charmingly lumpy as your mom’s.

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