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In today’s "who knew?" news: Patagonia, the adventure company whose fleece jackets you adore, has an entire site dedicated to food and recipes. It’s called Patagonia Provisions and features sustainable, conscientiously sourced items (think: protein bars, soups and even fish). We culled the online shop and free recipes, and here’s what we’d nibble on while out on a weekend hike--or even serve for dinner at home any night of the week.


Lightly Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

Canned tuna is out. Packets of wood-smoked salmon are in. Patagonia works with fishermen in Yakutat, Alaska, to source sustainably harvested fish. Try using the salmon in omelets, tacos or even a party-ready dip. ($12 per 6-ounce packet)


Tsampa Soup

This easy-to-prepare soup (just add hot water) mixes tsampa, a roasted grain eaten by the Himalayan people for centuries, with vegetables. The fun starts, though, when you customize your bowl with a fried egg, a sprinkling of Parmesan or some of that smoked salmon. ($6.50 per 2.4-ounce packet)


Mango + Almond Bar

Swap that heavily processed energy bar for one that combines chia seeds and baobab powder, which are natural energy boosters, with dried mango, apple and almond. Stash a few in your backpack when you hit the trail...or in your desk to snack on when hunger pangs strike. ($25 for a box of 12)

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