14 Dairy-Free Breakfasts You Have to Try

Less lactose, more mouth-watering

If we’re being honest here, cheese is, like, one of the best foods on earth. But there’s also a helluva lot to be said for laying off the lactose. (It could help you lose weight and stop you from breaking out, for starters.) Here, 14 delicious breakfasts with nary a shred of cheddar or drop of milk in sight.

Bare Root Girl

California Avocado Egg Casserole

Sweet potatoes, breakfast sausage, avocado, spinach and cherry tomatoes join forces to make the best damn casserole we’ve ever laid eyes on.

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Minimalist Baker

Apple Streusel Breakfast Pizzas

Pizza for breakfast? Don’t mind if we do.

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Brave for Paleo

Apple, Banana And Almond Butter Breakfast Bowl

Healthy and delicious meal for one, right this way.

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Banana Crumb Cake

The next time you have company, try this recipe, which will make you seem all hostess-like yet cozy.

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Cultural Chromatics

Baked Avocado Eggs

Instagram-worthy and requires only two ingredients.

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Bacon-wrapped Eggs

Line a muffin tin with bacon strips and pop in the oven for ten minutes.

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Minimalist Baker

Roasted Sweet Potato & Kale Breakfast Hash

Like an omelet but way better for you.

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This Middle Eastern baked-egg dish consists of onions, tomatoes, peppers, eggs and spices.

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Green Smoothie

Start your day right with our 15-minute blended breakfast.

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What the Fork

Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

But if green juice isn’t really your style, try this protein-packed shake on for size.

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A Healthy Life for Me

Healthy Rice Krispy Treats

Peanut butter and honey hold these grab-and-go bars together for the perfect oh-my-God-I’m-so-late-to-work snack.

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Martha Stewart

Soaked Chia Seeds

This miracle food can be made in a big batch and refrigerated for up to five days.

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Top with Cinnamon

Two-ingredient Pancakes

Spoiler alert: It’s eggs and banana. Oh, and don’t forget the syrup (and a butter alternative, of course).

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Blueberry Lemon French Toast

Prepare this one the day before and leave in the fridge overnight, then bake for an hour.

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