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Where Have Customizable Oreos Been All Our Lives?!

The office Secret Santa was just announced and you got snoozefest Steve from marketing. What does he even like? The Yankees? Paul Simon? Horticulture? 

How about a universally delightful and customizable gift that costs $10? 

Introducing personalized Oreos, here to make your holiday (and maybe, life) dreams come true. 

How it works: You choose between two illustrated designs and add accessories (like the word "SNOW," a festive little scarf, a top hat...). You can even include a custom message ("Hey Steve, what do you do here again?"). But the coolest part of it all: During this whole process, you can digitally color the designs to your liking or you can order it to arrive with a pack of markers TO COLOR IN PERSON.

Keep in mind: A limited number of boxes is available, so we'd suggest stocking up on as many as you can now--even if that means gifting some to yourself.

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