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New York pizza: You get what you give.

From dollar slices on the corner all the way to months-long reservation waits at Marta, the experiences run the gamut. But what if you're looking for just a nice, wood-fired pie without a total scene?

That's when you slink into SRO.

A “pizza speakeasy,” it’s a small, hidden room attached to a different restaurant (Espoleta on the Bowery). When you enter, you’ll see a door next to the hostess stand and hear the ’80s tunes blaring from behind it. That’s the place.

Inside you’ll find a handful of tables, a brick oven and a prix-fixe menu with a narrow but crazy comforting set of options. Each diner gets an appetizer, a personal pizza, a glass of wine and a dessert (all for a pretty mind-blowing $38).

We started light with a poached-octopus-and-potato salad, knowing our main entrée would be quite the event--a fried pie. (And, yes, it’s the pizza we’ve waited for our entire lives, thank you.)

Far less kitschy than the name suggests, this is our pick for a low-key way to warm up on a snowy night.

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