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Fahlstrom's Fresh Fish
The cure for a crabby day.

This is Chicago: You can get a burger or a steak anywhere. But seafood that stops you in your tracks? That’s a different story.
Glenn Fahlstrom has made a career out of specializing in fresh fish, first at his popular Glenn’s Diner in Ravenswood (he left in 2012) and now at his just-opened Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish in Lakeview. ??

Go to Fahlstrom’s now and don't even bother reading the menu. Just order this: the Crabster.

??The $19 sandwich isn’t complicated. It’s just a hot, insanely tender leg of Alaskan king crab topped with crisp, mayonnaisey slaw and served in a warm buttered bun. ??

Bite into it and you’ll wonder why you ever cared about lobster. ??

Not in a sandwich mood? There’s a full diner-style menu (burgers, breakfast, salads), but the real catches are Fahlstrom’s Sea Plates, which are simply prepared and served with sides like corn salad and pork and beans ($10 and $14, carryout only). ??

Then there’s the DIY option: Choose from the array of fish sold at the market counter and ask the fishmonger for cooking tips before leaving with your halibut or perch.

Burger schmurger.??

Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish, 1258 W. Belmont Ave.; 773-281-6000 or

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