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Early bird? Night owl? Neither? Whatever time of day you’re most energized, there is an awesome fitness class in the city for you. Dance yourself awake before a big presentation or cool down with some yoga after a long day of TPS reports.

No matter your schedule, there’s a Chicago workout that will work for you. Here’s how to burn calories morning, noon and night.



Barre-Dio Lab at Barre Code
Don’t shy away from a morning dance party. Seriously. It will elevate your mood like whoa. The studio’s 50-minute class brings together the best of both worlds: dance and strengthening exercises for abs, arms and glutes. Strike a pose…and then do it again.
435 N. LaSalle St.; 312-595-1600 or

Salute the Sun at David Barton Gym
Look, David B. gets it: You’re going to be hunched over a keyboard for next eight hours so you need to hop to it. This morning routine will wake you up, get you nice and limber and clear your mind--all in 45 minutes.
600 W. Chicago Ave.; 877-579-1300 or



Chisel Fo’ Shizzle at Cheetah Gym
Here’s our theory: The more fun you have saying a class’s name, the more likely it is you’ll actually go to it. This lunchtime class uses free weights to increase muscle definition. Plus, it’s only 45 minutes. So you can refuel with an earth bowl from the nearby Native Foods Café and still make it back to work on time.
1934 W. North Ave.; 773-394-5900 or

Full Body Blast at West Loop Athletic Club
Thought 45 minutes was fast? You only need to sacrifice 30 minutes of your lunch hour for this fat-blasting escapade. The class uses a single tool, the body bar, to tone muscles all over. The gym is near Little Goat Diner, so while it sounds ironic to grab A Fat Club sandwich after class, we say you’re entitled.
1380 W. Randolph St.; 312-850-4667 or



Yin Athletica at Lateral Fitness 

It’s been a tense day. Let it all go with deep spinal twists (ahh), shoulder and hip openers, and some TLC for your major joints. And the best thing ever: Most of the poses are seated. The studio itself--with self-serve tea and a giant tropical-fish tank--has a Zen vibe that will mellow you out for the rest of the night.
314 W. Superior St.; 312-291-9466 or

#312 at Fitness Formula Club Old Town
Warning: This new class will make you sweat (a lot). For 30 minutes, you’ll alternate three minutes of cardio with one minute of core work and two minutes of strength training. There’s little recovery time, so by the end you’ll have only enough energy left for an Epsom salt bath and crawling into bed. Perfect.
1235 N. LaSalle St.; 312-640-1235 or

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