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We all have our guilty fast-food pleasures. (Hint: try dipping McDonald’s fries in a McFlurry. World-changing). Even the rich and famous!


Hillary Clinton: Chipotle

Soon after Hillary announced her presidential bid, she headed to Chipotle for a chicken burrito bowl with guacamole, which the New York Times called “above average.”


Jennifer Lopez: Gray's Papaya

The secret to J-Lo’s killer bod: A Gray's Papaya hot dog with chili, apparently.

Shake Shack

Barak Obama: Shake Shack

Add cheeseburgers to the list of President Obama’s guilty pleasures, which also includes selfies and golfing. He’s been spotted chowing down at various Shake Shack locations.


Chrissy Teigen: KFC (or pretty much anything)

Our girl crush isn’t afraid of some post-awards night KFC…or of posting her drunk eats on instagram. She even once convinced Kimye to take an impromptu trip to Waffle House.


Bill Clinton: McDonalds

Hil isn’t the only fast-food lovin’ Clinton. As president, Bill made many a trip for Big Macs and Crispy Chicken sandwiches.


Justin Beiber: McDonald's

Everyone lay off Justin Beiber, already. The teen icon is just trying to enjoy some nuggets in peace.

E Online

Mitt Romney: Carl's Jr

Because a Jalepeño chicken sandwich from Carl’s Jr. makes you a “common man.” Especially when you tweet a picture of it.

The Daily Mail

Kim Kardashian: Yogurtland

Sorry, Kim, but froyo doesn’t count as fast food, no matter how much you eat it. We’ll give you half a shout-out for your California Pizza Kitchen craving though.

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