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Labriola Ristorante & Cafe
A perfect plate: steak and pasta.

If we could have our way with a restaurant menu? We’d have our cake and eat our fries, too. We’d take an omelet and a stack of pancakes. We’d devour a filet and dig into some pasta, too.

Ah, decisions. Good thing there’s a new Mag Mile restaurant, Labriola Ristorante & Café, where there’s a perfect dish for our indecisive taste buds.

On Labriola’s dinner menu, you’ll find a juicy, seared-just-right eight-ounce beef tenderloin filet that comes with a carb revelation: a tangy, creamy, gorgonzola-and-mascarpone-cheese-stuffed “busta”--or pasta envelope--made in-house daily by executive chef John Caputo. ($42)

Bite of steak. Bite of pasta. Repeat. It’s our dream meal.

If the name Labriola sounds familiar, it’s because Blue Island native Rich Labriola’s bakery has been selling bread to Chicago restaurants and grocery stores for nearly two decades. (His new four-in-one spot also has a bakery, a casual café and a bar.)

We’ll see you there.

Labriola Ristorante & Café, 535 N. Michigan Ave.; 312-955-3100 or

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