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The New York Times knows us all too well. Last week, it devoted an entire section to one of our favorite things in life: the perfect sandwich.  

Here’s what we learned about building 'em better.

sandwich olive oil

Load up on fat

If you want your DIY sandwich to taste as good as a restaurant’s, brush on the olive oil, spread on the mayo--or better yet, do both.

white sandwich bread

Use soft bread

Sorry, baguettes, you’re an ingredient-squisher. The Times recommends going with soft white bread.

salad sandwich

Salads make the best fillers

Got some leftover lettuce and fixings from last night’s dinner salad? Pop it between two slices of focaccia and boom: There’s your sandwich.

wrapping sandwich

Travel sandwiches are different

When packing a lunch for your carry-on, go with ingredients that are dry and odorless. 

sandwich wine

Pair with a fine wine

It makes total sense that sammies play nice with vino. Except if you’re eating peanut butter; then beer is obviously the only way to go.

bacon egg cheese

Don’t mess with success

Better cheese does not make a better bacon, egg and cheese. It’s a classic for a reason, people.

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