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Mimi. Nana. Granny. Grammy. Bubbe. Baba. Whatever you call yours, there’s no doubt that grandmas just know their way around a kitchen.

And we have them to thank for the homey new dumpling joint Baba’s Pierogies.

Using traditional techniques but with crazy fillings (like, um, mac and cheese), they make it worth the trip to Gowanus. See what Baba’s is all about. 

babas 1

When owner Helena Fabiankovic was growing up, Friday nights were dedicated to watching her Slovakian-born grandmother hand-make pierogies. She’s brought that tradition (and some decidedly modern twists) to her casual Gowanus spot.

babas pierogies 2

Fillings include classics like potato, sauerkraut and cheese--alongside experimental new combos such as bacon and cheddar, spinach and feta, and (oh, dear God) mac and cheese.

babas pierogies 3

Get ’em boiled or fried, alone or with a grilled kielbasa and schnitzel bites (magical deep-fried balls of ground pork and chicken) on the side.

babas pierogies 4

But whatever you do, don’t fill up before the dessert pierogies, which ooze either blueberry or chocolate goodness.

Baba’s Pierogies, 295 Third Ave. (at Carroll St.), Brooklyn; 718-222–0777 or

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