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We know you value the relationship, but it might be time to break up with your local wine store. Let’s face it: You were never really wowed by the shop owner’s picks anyway. (Merlot? Honestly?)

Luckily, we live in the 21st century, and there’s a new wine club website and app that can customize bottle recommendations to your specific taste. It’s called Club W, and here’s how it works.

First, you create a Palate Profile by answering six simple multiple-choice questions. Do you take your coffee black or with cream and sugar? How do you feel about salt? Is mouth-puckering citrus your thing?

Next, Club W works with some of the best vineyards and winemakers around the world to source delicious (and affordable) bottles, and these experts suggest wines for you based on your taste. Just specify how many bottles you’d like each month (e.g., two red, one white) and sign up for monthly shipments (from $39 a month for three bottles, plus $6 shipping). 

Ready to explore Club W? Start by taking the quiz. (Bonus: There’s a gift of wine at the end.)

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