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We know sophisticated chemistry goes into the wine in our glasses, but what about the alchemy that results in a classic martini?

On January 30, the Exploratorium will demystify what’s in your lowball when it transforms into a laboratory of libations for the fifth annual Science of Cocktails fund-raiser. The open-bar event will feature interactive cocktail-themed demos with staff scientists and mixologists from SF’s top bars. And yes, blind tastings to test theories are par for the course.

Teacher-in-residence Zeke Kossover will hold a session about infusing fruits and veggies with alcohol using a bell jar, a beaker and a special vacuum pump. Think of it like soaking a watermelon in vodka, but using the scientific method to explain air pocket extraction in porous produce. One word of advice, folks: Don’t try this at home.

January 30 at the Exploratorium, Pier 15; 415-528-4444 or

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