Let’s talk Valentine’s Day, ladies. Yea or meh, there’s one thing we can all agree on:

Chocolate rules.

But this year we’re trading the generic velour box (and that nondescript orange goo) for something a little more high-brow (say, a matcha tea filling) at Stick with Me Sweets.

The itty-bitty Nolita shop just opened under the direction of Per Se alum Susanna Yoon, who churns out 25 varieties of delicate bonbons that are anything but average.

The centers are all unexpected flavors like yuzu and black sesame, while the outsides are encased in Valrhona chocolate and hand-painted by Yoon. The shiny, colorful confections are then packaged in something equally as adorable--faux books. (It’s all too much, we know.)

You could gift them to your beau, your girls, your weirdly attractive UPS guy. Or...you could have the best solo stroll down Mott Street ever.

Stick with Me Sweets, 202A Mott St. (at Spring St.); 646-918-6336 or swmsweets.com

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