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You know that saying "Make new friends, but keep the old"? That's kind of how we feel right now. For every new restaurant we tried, we discovered a hidden gem--like an organic farm on the old Domino Sugar Factory site. 

See that and six other things we're loving right now. 

11 spots you probably don’t know exist

See the city's coolest hidden places. 

Relax Like gisele bundchen

Give flotation therapy a try in Carroll Gardens.  

the city’s greatest seafood boils

Take advantage of the summer's best seafood.

NYC’s cheapest and best car rental

Rent an Audi in a snap (and it won't cost you a fortune).

the 10 worst people you’ll see on the subway

Try not to be one of them. 

the domino sugar factory land is now a farm

Volunteer, shop for groceries or throw a killer party. 

12 movies that will make you love nyc

Remember why you put up with those annoying people on the train. 

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