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Sure doctors and nutritionists and pretty much the whole Internet say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we beg to differ: It’s definitely dessert. Here, 16 desserts from around the world that every sugar lover has got to try (or at least dream about).

dessert argentina

Go to Argentina for alfajores

Dulce de leche (think caramel but better) is smeared between two shortbread cookies and covered in chocolate to make this satisfying Argentine sweet that’s sold pretty much everywhere but done best by Havanna in Mar del Plata.

dessert poland

Go to Poland for babka

Head to Warsaw’s A. Blikle for a slice or three of babka, the traditional Polish yeast cake that resembles brioche and is filled with ribbons of rich chocolate.

dessert dominican

Go the the Dominican Republic for bizcocho criolla

Fun to say, even more delicious to eat, bizcocho criolla is like a vanilla poundcake with coconut cream filling. Taste the national cake of the DR at the Pasteleria del Jardin in Santo Domingo.

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dessert new orleans

Go to New Orleans for Beignets

Basically pillows of heaven, this fried dough will leave you covered in powdered sugar but insanely happy. Head to OG purveyor Café Du Monde if you don’t mind waiting in line; but in a pinch, Morning Call will do just fine.

dessert japan

Go to Japan for mochi ice cream

Mochi ice cream (pounded sticky rice with an ice cream filling) is available lots of places stateside, but head to Tokyo’s MochiCream for the most authentic.

dessert italy

Go to Italy for gorgonzola gelato

Gelato in Italy: duh. Gelateria dei Neri’s gorgonzola gelato in Florence: Yes, please and thank you.

dessert portugal

Go to Portugal for pastel de nata

Lisbon’s Antiga Confeitaria de Belem is the perfect place to try this famous Portuguese treat, a creamy egg-based custard tart with lemon, vanilla and cinnamon.

dessert china

Go to China for tangyuan

It looks super weird (am I eating tiny Pac-Mans?), but tangyuan is actually delightful. Try the glutinous rice balls filled with peanut butter or black sesame paste at Beijing’s Bellagio Café.

dessert switzerland

Go to Switzerland for champagne truffles

It’s Switzerland, so obviously chocolate’s involved. Blondel’s Champagne truffles are the stuff of dreams.

dessert israel

Go to Israel for knafeh

Jerusalem’s Jafar Sweets is a haven for all things sugary, but knafeh (sweet phyllo dough stuffed with goat cheese and covered in syrup) stands just a bit above the rest.

dessert belgium

Go to Belgium for pralines

Belgian pralines are a little different than the ones you’re used to: Wittamers are chocolate shells with a soft filling of hazelnut, almonds, sugar and syrup.

dessert phillipines

Go to the Philippines for bibingka

Bibingka are sweet rice cakes covered in butter, sugar and coconut. Basically, heaven in a dessert--readily available at Quezon City’s Ferino’s Bibingka.

dessert paris

Go to france for kouign amann

Long before Dominique Ansel became a household name, the sugary-buttery kouign-amann pastry earned a loyal following among French dessert lovers. Try one at Paris’s Maison Georges Larnicol.

dessert austria

Go to Austria for sachertorte

One of the most famous Viennese culinary treats, sachertorte is a dense chocolate cake covered in dark chocolate icing and apricot jam. Get a slice at Café Sacher in Vienna.

dessert new zealand

Go to New Zealand for pavlova

Sure, we’ve made our own, but pavlova was actually invented in New Zealand (or Australia, depending on who you ask). Bite into this light meringue cake at Christchurch’s Dux Dine.

dessert london

Go to england for sticky toffee pudding

Post fish and chips, head to Rules in London for a hearty serving of sticky toffee pudding, really moist pound cake doused in mind-numbingly sugary toffee sauce.

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