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Everyone has food preferences: olives, yuck; cilantro, no thanks; anchovies, get 'em out of here. But there’s a new reason to be adventurous when it comes to your palate--and it has to do with your waistline.

According to a recent Cornell University study, more exploratory eating may correlate to a lower BMI.

The study, which polled a group of about 500 women across the country, suggests that adventurous eaters--or food “neophiles”--not only had healthier weights but were also more physically active than picky eaters and more concerned about the overall healthfulness of their food.

How, exactly, do you become a “neophile”? Try eating a wide variety of uncommon dishes like seitan, beef tongue, kimchi, rabbit and polenta. And overall, seek out new and interesting foods that are different from what you ate yesterday and the day before.

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