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An Open Letter to Shake Shack

Dear Shake Shack,

Not to brag, but we do a lot for you. We wait in longer-than-our-lunch-break lines. We order frozen custard no matter the temperature outside. We talk you up to all our friends.

Now we’re asking for a little something in return: The chance to try our favorite burgers with the toppings of our dreams. Here’s exactly what we’re craving:

ShackBurger. Let’s live a little and swap your mayo-based ShackSauce with creamy green goddess dressing.

Hamburger. How good would your classic burger be topped with the same pickle relish you use on the Shack-Cago Dog? We think pretty darn good.

Shroom Burger. Even though you fry the portobello mushroom, this sandwich could use some crunch. Please hold the lettuce and tomato and add crisp sliced cucumbers instead.

SmokeShack Burger. We adore that cherry-pepper relish, but we’d love it even more if it were paired with fried shallots instead of bacon.



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