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A New Years Resolution You Might Actually Keep
Let's do this.

Maybe you hit the eggnog a little too hard. Maybe your overflowing social calendar detracted from precious gym time. In any case, you’re not feeling your best.

So what do you do?

A. Search “easy diet lose weight fast” and trust the Internet.

B. Consume nothing but maple syrup and cayenne pepper for two weeks.

C. Eat delicious, wholesome foods that will get you back on track.

The correct answer is most definitely C.

Fad diets are too good to be true, and Post Great Grains knows this. On average, women have quit nine diets in their lifetime, and 76 percent who have dieted admit to having tried a fad diet.

That’s why Post has introduced the Fad-Free Pledge, a promise to shun quick fixes in favor of sustainable, results-producing changes. The goal is to adopt a balanced diet and choose good-for-you foods (think a snack mix of dark chocolate and nuts), which will be way more enjoyable than, say, a juice cleanse.

And in addition to being good for you, Great Grains is making signing the pledge good for others. For each pledge made, they’ll donate $3 to, a nonprofit fighting to end hunger in America.

So make the pledge and have a happier, healthier, fad-free New Year.

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