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Fact: We love carbs. Keep reading for nine of our favorite savory and satiating bread recipes. 


Honey Challah

Braiding a beautiful loaf of challah is way easier than you'd think, thanks to this handy tutorial


Classic Sandwich Bread

Baking your own buttery sandwich bread? Also surprisingly simple.


Garlic Bread

Stick some extra-garlicky bread in the oven to compliment a perfect Italian-style meal.


Honey-Glazed Corn Bread

Or whip up some subtly sweet corn bread for your next chili or soup night.


Savory Monkey Bread

Need a crowd-pleasing appetizer? Carve a loaf and fill it with gooey cheese and pesto.


Garlic "Nots"

Or you could roll your dough into irresistible cheese-filled balls


Party Crostini

Toasts with different toppings make gorgeous, ultra-easy party food. 


Egg In a Hole

A fresh baguette with eggs baked right into it? Now that's incentive to get out of bed in the morning. 


Corn and Cheddar Spoon Bread

For the ultimate comfort food, try a soft, cheesy pudding-esque bread bowl.  

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