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8 Ways Royal Blue Grocery Can Help You Get Through the Holidays
First things first, eat one of the specialty sandwiches.

Grocery shopping in preparation for the holidays is like a scavenger hunt. You stop here for wine. Then there for bread. Then across town to pick up the charcuterie platter. Sigh.

Luckily, the newly opened Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park has it all--and in a friendly, neighborhood grocer kind of way.

Here's how Royal Blue can help you get through the holidays (or any day, for that matter).

1. The Hot Lunch to Go: First things first, you need to fuel up. So take advantage of all the hot foods made daily--like Thai green curry and barbacoa tacos. Also worth it: the hot paninis, fully-loaded baguettes and Cuban sandwiches.

2. The Cheese and Meat Selection: Because no holiday soiree is complete without bites to nosh on. Choose from more than 50 cheese varieties and select meats, or preorder the Mediterranean platter, which includes a creamy Greek-yogurt veggie dip, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, couscous salad and olives.

3. The Wine: A bottle of red to go with the turkey, a bottle of rosé for you to drink in solitude when it's all over.

4. The Fresh Flowers: From seasonal peonies to orchids, Royal Blue Grocery has a great selection of flowers at lower-than-florist prices.

5. The Barbecue Wife’s Bloody Mary Mix: Your holiday brunch will be a guaranteed hit with this in the, um, mix. Just add your vodka of choice.

6. The Cake Bar Cakes: Consider dessert covered. Royal Blue Grocery supports local spots and offers treats from one of our favorite bakeries.

7. The Stumptown Coffee: Fine roasted coffee straight from Portland, Oregon, that you can grab and go (they even have cold-brew on tap) or pick up to brew at home.

8. The Yeti Frozen Custard: Since Royal Blue Grocery comes from Austin, it's no surprise the shop is generously stocked with frozen custard. And this stuff comes in magical flavors like blueberry, lemon-lavender and bourbon-vanilla. Be sure to pick up extra pints to serve alongside pie--or for those late-night snacking guests.

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