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News flash: Dallas has amazing meatless entrees. Sometimes, between all the spare ribs and chicken legs and tender brisket, we overlook all the fresh, veggie-centric items on the menu. So to make things a little easier, here are seven meatless dishes worthy of ordering next time you go out to dinner.

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Stuffed Acorn Squash at Parigi

Served piping hot at the cutest little Parisian restaurant in town, this acorn squash is packed with carrots, parsnips, peas and quinoa, then smothered with Parmesan cheese. It’s filling--and quickly becoming our go-to comfort food ($12.50).

Parigi, 3311 Oak Lawn Ave.; 214-521-0295 or

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The Peta Pie at Fireside Pies

This goat cheese and Portobello mushroom pizza is topped with arugula salad. Whether you opt for the standard crust or the gluten-free brown-rice crust, this pie is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted ($13).

Fireside Pies, 2820 N. Henderson Ave.; 214-370-3916 or

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Marshmallow Soup at Rise No. 1

Three mini goat-cheese soufflés float in a rich carrot bisque topped with house-made pesto sauce ($9). It’s strange how the “marshmallows” take some time to prepare, but the soup takes only two minutes to devour. 

Rise No. 1, 5360 W. Lovers Lane, #220; 214-366-9900 or

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Spaghetti Squash Casserole at True Food Kitchen

Vegetables can be decadent too. Take this spaghetti squash casserole, which is loaded with fresh mozzarella cheese. It?s totally meatless and gluten-free--and it'll make even the most formidable meat eater weak in the knees ($13).

True Food Kitchen, 8383 Preston Center Plaza Dr., #100; 214-377-3333 or

Stuffed Avocados at Sundown at Granada

Sundown does avocados better than anywhere else in the city. Order the Southwest stuffed avocados, which are packed with sweet corn, black beans, tomatoes and feta, and served with crunchy endive ($14).

Sundown at Granada, 3520 Greenville Ave.; 214-823-8305 or

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Ricotta Gnocchi at FT33

What’s not to love about handmade gnocchi and farm-fresh fennel and carrots? Chef Matt McCallister could stop there, but then he tops this beautiful dish with homemade butter that is so rich and creamy, you’ll ask for a to-go container ($28).

FT33, 1617 Hi Line Dr., #250; 214-741-2629 or


Watermelon Salad at The Palm

The perfect summer medley of sweet watermelon and creamy mozzarella cheese topped with a balsamic vinegar reduction. The catch? It’s only served at the Dallas staple until the end of the summer ($13).

The Palm, 701 Ross Ave.; 214-698-0470 or

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