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The women of PureWow know their chocolates, and as a public service, might we suggest placing an order of any of the below now, so that they’re delivered in time for February 14?

Oh, and you might want to remember to buy a box for your beloved, too.


Almost Raw

Brooklyn’s Raaka makes chocolate bars with a special low-temp process that keeps that fruity raw cacao flavor alive. Plus, the illustrated wrappers are super-cute.


So Fancy

The bars from San Francisco-based Dandelion Chocolate are all about their provenance: There’s the cinnamony 70 percent Liberian bar, the gingerbread-smacked Venezuelan bar and more.



Hearts and Minds

Chocolatier Blue’s Venice, California shop regularly sells out of its heart-shaped bonbons in flavors like sugar cookie, candy cane and figgy pudding. Much easier to just buy a box online.


Top Truffles

Manhattan’s Xocolatti specializes in those little mouthfuls of joy known as truffles. We recommend the Nero collection, with its dark chocolate mounds in flavors like Champagne brut, sake and olive oil-basil.


Splattered and Sinful

Kate Weiser’s known around Dallas for her Pollock-patterned bonbons filled with gelatin made from apricot, yuzu and more. Best of all, you can mix and match your own box online.



Photo Ready

Compartés bars come in Instagram-ready wrappers with collages of Greek gods or Surrealist imagery. And flavors like Thai ginger-lemongrass make every bite worth it.


That's the Spirit

These nibs from Twice the Vice are infused with one eighth of a shot of liquor--the most legally allowed in chocolate. Just beware that some states have shipping restrictions against them.

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