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It makes sense: built-in timer + boiling water = no-brainer food preparation. In other words, you can totally cook things in your coffeemaker. Here, seven of our favorite “recipes,” all great for the next time you’re hungry in a hotel room.


Steamed Vegetables

In the percolator, place a filter half full with your choice of chopped veggies. Fill the reservoir with water and turn the coffeemaker on. After ten minutes, empty the pot of water back into the reservoir and run again. The hot water will create steam and, well, you get it…



Just fill your coffeemaker with water, place the pasta in the pot with tops sticking out and turn the whole thing on (no filter needed). When the pot is about half full, push the rest of the spaghetti down into it. Strain and serve. Al dente, anyone?



Like pasta, but add seasonings and noodles to the carafe. Then turn it on and let it do its thing.


Hard-Boiled Eggs

Fill the reservoir and place up to six eggs in the glass pot. Turn the coffeemaker on, then once the water has filtered through, leave on for ten more minutes. Drain before soaking the eggs in cold water. Egg salad sandwich, here you come.


Apples la Mode

Water, apples, honey, cinnamon, raisins and cranberries are all added to the pot in this genius recipe. Serve over granola and two scoops of vanilla ice cream for an apple pie sundae. (Think of any lingering coffee flavor as an added bonus.)


Oatmeal (or grits)

Pour the required amount of water into the coffeemaker per usual and add the packet’s contents to the pot. The same goes for grits.


Salmon, Couscous and Steamed Vegetables

A full meal from this humble appliance? Mind blown.

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