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Sure, feel all virtuous because you’re making nutritious smoothies with farmers’ market fruits and veggies. But unless you’re hip to the latest superfood extracts, you’re not also going to think more clearly, rev your metabolism and even get rid of that pounding headache.

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Think more clearly
Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines recommend the herb gotu kola to patients who want to concentrate better but not have any stimulant side effects. Add a squirt of it in tincture form to your smoothie once or twice a week.

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Fend off a sore throat
Forget the PSL, because the real orange drink of fall is a smoothie with a half teaspoon of turmeric added. This brightly hued spice has a bit of a bitter and earthy taste, so add it to smoothies with big flavors like ginger and mango to get its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. Buy fresh turmeric root and grind it yourself, or buy it in small batches (to ensure freshness) at health food stores.  

Eliminate the bloat
Hate the puffy feeling your stomach gets after a delicious fruity smoothie? And want to—ahem—go on a more regular basis? A tablespoon of neutral-tasting chia seed powder in your smoothie takes care of both, since it has major fiber.

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Have more energy
Repeat after us: Maqui powder is the new goji berry. (Except cheaper.) Maqui, like goji, are little purple berries that grow wild in South America. Maqui has a sweet taste, but more than that, it has anti-inflammatory properties (meaning it soothes all conditions ending in “-itis”). And it suppresses insulin, so it evens out the post-meal energy surge and drop-off. Put a tablespoon full in your favorite berry smoothie.

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Get romantic
Nicknamed “the Peruvian ginseng,” maca powder is a vitamin-rich and energy-stabilizing Andean root. Specifically, it has hormone-stimulating effects including a boosted libido, increased fertility and greater blood flow. So, sexy time—but start with only a half teaspoon in your smoothie. Because as with all supplements, you don’t want to throw your metabolism way out of whack if you’re especially sensitive to its effects.

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Lessen hangovers
Think ahead: Have an ice cube tray filled with coconut water cubes ready, then throw a couple handfuls into your smoothie. And replace your usual quarter cup of plain H20 with it. The potassium-rich water helps you rebalance all those electrolytes put out of whack due to your dehydration.

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