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6 White Wines That Are Better Than What Youre Probably Drinking Right Now
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Everyone has their go-to wines. The things you understand, have experience with and know won’t be an unnecessary risk on a Thursday night.

Well, forget all that.

It’s time for things to get a little weird. Try some grapes you’ve never tried. Get out there and live life. Which is why we turned to the experts at WineLibrary to find delicious alternatives to some of the most popular types of white wines.

If you love Pinot Grigio…
Drink BordeauxWhite Bordeaux, to be exact. It’s typically a blend of two types of grapes--Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon--and great for Pinot Grigio drinkers, because it tends to be light with lots of white fruit and floral notes. The Sémillon also adds a little bit of body, so you can pair it with salmon or just sip it on its own.

If you love Riesling…
Drink Grüner VeltlinerGrüner has many of the qualities you love about dry Riesling (crisp, refreshing), but its flavors deliver more of a compact punch to the palate (notes of lime, stone fruit and white pepper). Bonus: Grüner is regularly sold in 1-liter bottles--and makes for a great excuse to invite some friends over.

If you love California Chardonnay…
Drink Reserva BrancoEver heard of the Encruzado grape? No? (Yeah, neither had we.) This is getting into some obscure wine territory, but that’s the fun part, right? (Right.) This wine is made of 100 percent Encruzado grapes and tastes like smoky pineapple and nectarines. It will have you thinking you paid way more than nine bucks a bottle.

If you love Prosecco…
Drink Brut De SavoieYour Mimosas are about to get a lot fancier. There are a ton of regions in France with their own versions of sparkling white wine. This particular little number comes from Savoie (in eastern France, butting up against the Italian Alps) and is made with three grapes (Jacquère, Chardonnay and Altesse). It brings you everything you love about Prosecco--the fresh white fruit, the lemony goodness--and more.

If you love Champagne…
Drink Brut NatureNow this is where we could have recommended a light, fruity Prosecco, but Spanish Cava is something special. Think of orange blossom and a slight toastiness layered over apple and pear notes. It’s very cool and very different--and very much easier on your wallet than real Champers.

If you love Sauvignon Blanc...
Drink SancerreYou’ll still get the grapefruit you love, but the French version of Sauvignon Blanc is more, well, French--and has more ripe apple and white flowers. It’s a classic pairing with oysters and will cool you down on the hottest of days.

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