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You’ve put some thought into sprucing up your kitchen, so why not invite everyone over to enjoy it? Here are seven surprising ways you can turn food delivery into something special.

Get Wine Savvy

First things first: the wine. Stop lugging heavy bottles home thanks to these three services that drop top vintages at your doorstep.

Eat Simply

Serving exotic yet easy to prepare foods is a great way to start dinner-table conversations.

Shop Organic

Skip the trip to the grocery store and stock your entire pantry--literally from soup to nuts--from these online grocers.

Serve Nostalgia

Whether it’s cheesecake from Junior’s in New York City or ribs from Rendezvous in Memphis, have local favorites from across the U.S. flown in for the occasion.

Be Lazy and Posh

Newsflash: Neiman Marcus sells heat-and-serve meals.

Order Dessert

Fancy pies in flavors like Southern pecan and sour cherry are sure to leave a sweet memory of any gathering.

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