6 Next-Level BLTs

Our mouths are watering just looking at these bad boys. Come on, is there anything more deliciously salty and summery than bacon, lettuce and tomato perfectly stacked on bread?

Judging from these six BLT upgrades, apparently there is. Read on for the recipes.

Avocado Blt With Spicy Mayo And Fried Egg

Just add Sriracha--and an extra runny fried egg.

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Blt With Egg And Grilled Cheese

Trade the fried egg for a hard-boiled one, then add provolone and grill for melty, cheesy goodness.

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Bourbon Caramelized Bacon And Heirloom Blt

This bacon is brushed with maple syrup, bourbon and cayenne pepper. Hello, happiness.

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Open-face Crispy Prosciutto Blt

Served with red and yellow heirloom tomatoes--and radishes for extra punch.

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